Thursday, December 16, 2010

The counters are clear...

...and the baking is done.

But now I'm going to help LawyerBoy add some semblance of organization to his home. 
You know him, he's the one getting married this weekend. He's the happy, handsome, messy first child of mine.


Sometimes I think I did too much for my children. But I was raised by a traditional Italian mother who waited for me to sneeze so that she could hand me a tissue. I don't hover the way she did, but I've been known to semi-hover.

(Mom, 1995)

She did everything for me. She let me get married without a clue on how to do laundry. Back in 1979 I washed all of BigDaddy's Brooks Brothers shirts and dried them until they resembled wrinkly toddler shirts.

Good thing he was crazy about me. 

I think I've taught my children the basics of home keeping.
It's just that some paid more attention than others...and some just don't care.


Growing up he was always scattering things. 
His lack of organization followed him to school, and many a teacher commented on this.
His second grade teacher said he was so busy thinking out of the box, that he had little time for the minutiae that surrounded him. 
I continue to love that teacher. Although the minutiae included his homework, important papers I needed to sign, and his lunch.


And now Jerry needs to make room for Carolyn's things. I don't think she's asking too much. 
He's somewhat of a clothing hoarder and he's using all five closets in his condo. All five. Full. 
Clothes that don't fit. 
Old band uniforms. 
Guitars with no strings. Aquariums.

And he also has a bird named Buster. Buster needs a new place to fly. It seems Carolyn wants to snuggle with her soon-to-be husband without Buster on her shoulder. Buster sprays birdseed across the kitchen. He bites. 
And he makes an awful lot of noise. He's cute though... a messy, squawky kind of way.

I'm going to end this post without any sort of resolution.
I just wanted to tell all young mothers that it's possible to raise all your children the same and still have them turn out very least in the organizational sense.

I'd also like to say that LawyerBoy is unbelievably kind-hearted, giving, hilarious, and pretty damn handsome. 
He's full of wonderful traits. He just has very selective vision.

And he's messy, really, really messy.


Buster has found a new place to fly.

And Cooper is far from happy.

I had to take Buster with me, I was afraid he's end up in one of the closets.

I'll be back after the wedding. 
Say a prayer for sunny skies and no more snow!
And thank you all for your wedding wishes!
My bloggy friends are the best!!


  1. I found you from Jillsy Girl. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

  2. Well, then I'm sure that Carolyn is very happy that she stood smack in the middle of his vision! May Jerry finally have a home that is neat and tidy once again!! :-)