Friday, October 15, 2010


...sounds like a stripper name to me.

My darling TeacherGirl has asked me to help her become Pinkalicious for Halloween. It seems the little girlies in her class just love this character and Maggie would love to surprise them.

I wasn't familiar with the Fancy Nancy series of books...

But I do remember a book series involving this family...

Those Berenstein Bears were my favorite.

And yes, the fact that the mother was a little round did have some influence on me. But this next generation of girls are hooked on something else. Something better. Something pinker...

So wish me luck.

These old, arthritic hands don't move like they used to. 
I vaguely remember being able to whip up a Halloween costume overnight, back in the good ol' days...


I'm worried that TeacherGirl has only given me a week to produce.
I'm worried Big Daddy will find me crying in the middle of a huge pile of pink tulle and sparkles.
I'm worried I'll be forced to offer big money to someone else out there to make it for me...helloooo, are you reading this??...anyone listening?

Call me.


  1. I have faith in you! (and I want to see the finished product!)

  2. My kids know better than to ask me to sew something... their costumes always involved a colored sweat suit with a few props and make up. The best one was a Snow Leopard...