Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tailgating 101...

This will be our third year of tailgating...yet I have learned very little about football.

I confess, other than an occasional visit to Soldier Field to watch our Chicago Bears, Notre Dame football is the only other football I watch.

In the beginning the only reason I agreed to season tickets was this...

Seeing Molly give her Daddy a bear hug was worth the trip!

The truth is...If MollDoll went to Michigan, I'd be watching the Wolverines {although I'm not fond of yellow and blue}
This seasoning interests me though...don't tell anyone.

College ball became a part of my life simply because Molly and her Daddy live and breathe it. Notre Dame became my team simply because it's MollDoll's university. Prior to Molly's admission, Notre Dame was a beautiful campus full of history, opportunities, and a band that rocks. I knew very little about Notre Dame football.

I tried to belong, learn the basics, and I was warmly welcomed.  
And after two full years of ND football it's impossible not to feel like you belong. 

Everyone just need to learn the traditions...

...the "push-ups"

...the dunk in the fountain! 

Yet my true interest remains in the tailgating.
It wasn't easy at first. 
Back in 2008 we showed up at the first game with a mediocre spread and a few chairs. I was surrounded by rib eye steaks sizzling on stainless grills, and I hung my head in shame. I took notes and pictures though, and I'm a fast learner. 

The following week we were prepared, and able to hold our heads high.
It's been a great time ever since!!

We've hosted our tailgate in the blistering heat, the chill of November,

and of course in the rain...

We've welcomed family... 


more friends...

and students of course...

College football will never be at the top of my list of favorites, but the art of a Notre Dame tailgate?....that's a different story.

The season begins on Saturday and I'm ready.

Luckily so are they...

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing these great photos! Go Irish!