Friday, September 17, 2010

It's just coffee you know...

Every morning I drink my coffee from this cup.
MollDoll gave me this cup, an easy purchase at the ND bookstore.

I'm sometimes accused of favoring Notre Dame,
but let me explain...

Notre Dame has always been a dream school for me.
Big Daddy and I would often visit the campus on our way to other places.

One of our first dates was watching Joe Montana play for ND
{yes, I am old.}

When our three eldest children began their college searches, 
none of them considered Notre Dame. 
But when the last pea in the pod {that would be Molly} began talking college, Notre Dame was at the top of her list.

And yes, we did a little dance.

The day her acceptance letter came was quite a moment.

And yes, I opened it.

And I hung the flag, and taped the letter to the door...

My four distinctly different children chose four distinctly different universities.
They all chose their own paths, and I'm quite proud.

I do not favor Notre Dame over the other schools...
I'm just enjoying my last college connection.

Molly's the last child I will see through college.
There are no other children to live through vicariously.
So, excuse my Irish enthusiasm,
and my wardrobe.

Soon I'll be crocheting afghans and reminiscing about the good ol' days...
...and Notre Dame will be a vague memory.

But for now...I'm having a great time!

...we all are!


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