Wednesday, August 18, 2010


{MollDoll's 1st Day of Kindergarten 1995}

It's that time...

I'm beginning to notice the signs...a random suitcase, a bin full of clothes and hangers, an extremely messy room.
My MollDoll is leaving me again.
I believe she tried to soften my sadness by quietly hiding things in her car...

...but it didn't work. 
I might need glasses to read fine print, but I can spot a car full of clothes, especially if that car is going to whisk my daughter to another state. Ok, I realize it's a neighboring state but nonetheless, she won't be here.
In case you don't know, Molly is the baby, the last child, the precious angel who in my mind still looks like this...

And even though this is her third year of college, the sting of her leaving remains the same. I've been reading other blogs this morning, there's lots of young moms posting about the start of the new school year. All the little ones look sad, or nervous, some have that little lip quiver, and some look like brave soldiers. It's funny that as the years pass, it's the mothers who remain sad, nervous, and a little quivery. And I'm guessing those Moms who say they can't wait for their kids to return to college this year, will soon sniffle a little. Even if it's only because they have to deal with all that's left behind...

I've mentioned before that the New Year to me (and most moms) begins in September rather than January. I think this will always be my thought. Especially since two of my kiddos are teachers.

{TeacherGirl's 1st Day of 4th Grade 1995}

As I write this my eldest daughter Maggie (TeacherGirl) is tidying up her classroom, getting ready for her new students. She's excited, a little nervous, and most likely saying a little prayer that the year goes smoothly. 

So to all you young moms out there...
If you think the years get easier, they do.
Kind of. 
There will be years when you drop your child off and burn rubber when leaving the parking lot...{try to control this, Maggie says the teachers do notice}.

There will also be years when you're sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, and worrying that your child is bullying someone, being bullied, or eating  the lead in his pencil...and yes, I have experience in all those situations.

As a mom who's come full circle, I can tell you this...
Every school year has some happiness, some sadness, some confusion, and some rewards. That's no secret.
But more importantly...if you think that the college years are a piece of cake, stress-free, and require little parental're wrong. Erase that image of you and the hubby antiquing/spooning/sunbathing in Mexico. Chances are when you attempt any form of recreation, your college student will have some sort of crisis that requires you to drive a couple thousand miles. Last minute airfare will bankrupt you.
{Try to remember...your own state most likely has a good, solid university.} 

College is where we expect a nineteen year old to decide what they'd like to be for the rest of their lives. Good luck with that.
{I still want to be a princess}

It's also a time when you're so proud your child has grown, yet you'd give anything to see them at the kitchen table with paste and safety scissors.
Or attend another play where your daughter is a farm animal...


Good Luck Mommies!!
May your year be full of wonderful memories...and as little stress as possible.


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  2. I cried yesterday taking Tom off to ISU and now today Andy off to MI
    of Ohio. So sad. Jim and I will have to figure out what to do with ourselves. Oh yea Jimmy coming home at the end of the month. Crazy.

  3. When you're done trying to figure out what to do with Jim, throw some dinner at him and come visit!