Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's a cruel, cruel summer...

...and it ended much too quickly.

Today's the day...Little MollDoll leaves my pathetically, barren nest in search of continuing education, and the promise of partying studying with her peers.

So where exactly does that leave me?

The college experience has been different for all my children, although some things remained constant {You can read about all that HERE}
But the leaving part isn't something I've gotten used to. Each new parting leaves a fresh ache in my heart.

So once again...I'll kiss her, slip her a little cash, and say a prayer.
That's all I can do.


My Name is Mary Elizabeth and I'm feathering an empty nest.


  1. oh I just did a post today about this too! I think too...say a prayer!

  2. MollyDolly looks so grown up in that pic!!! haha the "wave" pic made me laugh. Man time flies...

    -LOVE your #1 fan

  3. No partying!!
    I just mope around, wringing my hands and sniffling!