Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Ate A Bug...

...And I liked it!

Well, not really.

The kids gave Big Daddy a belated Birthday gift for Florida...

Yes, it's a scooter!
We're really not ready for a Harley...maybe someday.
We're all enjoying it, and it does go up to 60mph so we don't look too ridiculous. I've said in a previous post, I tend to do dorky things here that I wouldn't dream of doing in Chicago...this is one of those dorky things. And a bug did fly into my was small though.

Molly's enjoying the ride...

Maggie and Bryan flew in last night and Molly was tickled to have some company. Big Daddy and I aren't exactly entertaining, especially when we're sleeping by ten...because we're up at five.

We had a quick lunch at the MUCKY DUCK...

(The t-shirt collection is tacked to the ceiling...
I got slightly dizzy trying to decide on one)

And whether we're here or at home, everyone eventually ends up in the pool.

 I love having the kids here...even though their bed making skills need improvement...

Tomorrow, the beach...


  1. What fun! Did you buy a house down there?

  2. Hey Jillsy,

    We had a condo here and we sold it, we bought the house a few months ago...more room!

  3. Oooo if you get bored you can collect a bung of those seahells for me haha
    -LOVE your #1 fan

  4. well, no wonder you go down there so often!! :-)

  5. Hey Becky (#1 Fan)

    How many seashells are in a "bung"??