Friday, July 2, 2010

Everything Blooms...

One good thing about the flowers are a bloomin'!
The red hibiscus at the top right is my only "Florida flower"! I hope to spend more time there this winter...but please don't call me a snowbird!! I prefer beach babe or maybe sun follower. 

{Oh yeah...that's me...deciding whether to go to Florida, or just hang in the snow looking beautiful..yep,that's me...I look pretty fantastic for a fifty-something dontcha think??}

I'm planning to head south this weekend for a "working vacation". My friend Nancy will be joining me and I'm hoping we'll get the new place shiny and new.
Nancy and I met when our sons played football together in fourth grade! Nancy and her large family had recently moved to Chicago from Pennsylvania. We met at football practice and have been friends ever since.


My Michael and her Kyle became fast friends and continued their friendship throughout their college years. Kyle's married now, currently living in Ohio, and soon transferring to Atlanta. He came back to Chicago for Mike and Margaret's wedding last October...{We had several of those moments when we cried thinking about how quickly our two little boys became men.}  


Nancy is one of those friends that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. We've gone weeks without hearing from each other, only to hook back up as if it were hours. 
I like that. 
So, Nancy will be my hard working "sista'-friend" for the next week. I'm looking forward to it! She's quite artistic, and requires little sleep...I'll be taking advantage of that.
I have tried to forgive her for having grandchildren before me...I'm still working on that...

{cutie-patootie Kiera}

I'm sure we'll work in a little beach time, a scary movie, and some highly caloric dinners...and snacks...and margaritas.

I'll post some grainy, unedited pictures using my little Kodak...    
and I'll sweep the dust off my dinosaur of a computer.

I never feel the need for new technology when I'm ankle deep in sand.

Time marches's Nancy's boys...all "growed-up"...

{Kyle's on the right} one can grow up completely...

Happy Independence Day!


  1. what handsome men!

    have a great time with your wonderful friend!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! And good friends are one of our greatest blessings.