Monday, June 14, 2010

Legos, Birds, and a Fear of Flying...

...Not feeling at the top of my game!
...Dealing with some chronic health issues that are going to make tomorrow' s flight far from comfortable...but hey, nothing like a little sand, palm trees, and a blistering hot sun to give this old body a boost...well, a small dose of the sun will be fine! I'm a terrible flyer. No one enjoys flying with me...good thing I'm solo tomorrow. But I'm happy when my toes hit the sand...

I'm not happy when my house is a mess...

Michael stopped over to tear apart my basement. He took home some Legos and Playmobile stuff for Margaret's little nephew Patrick. It seems Patrick will be visiting Mike and Margaret at their "skyscraper-house" soon, and Uncle Mike is planning some building activities...I hope he lets Patrick do some of the building!

They had a great time on a previous OVERNITE and I'm sure this one will be a huge success.
I'm positive that Michael is going to be a wonderful father...I'm just hoping I won't be pushing eighty when that happens....I don't ever want to forget where I put my grandchildren.

I have to confess, I spent some time playing looking at this stuff! I can only imagine what's available to children now...
I was so busy when my kiddies were little that I didn't spend too much time on the floor playing with them. I have added that to my list of regrets...and that list keeps on growing.

Speaking of what's available now...
I discovered this at Taylor's birthday party in April...I was surprised, and somewhat horrified interested...

I guess it's helpful in the potty training months...!? I'm not sure if I'll buy that toy though....I prefer doll furniture...

On another note...
The feathered friends are multiplying in my yard. I'm glad they find my yard to be a peaceful birthing place. This little bird has been watching the nest, perched on a lawn chair, for hours...

My ferocious pups have been barking, the pool guys are working, and I'm snapping pictures...yet this bird is ignoring us all. I think he's left the nest but is rethinking his decision...he may be realizing that it's a big world out there.

Or maybe he just doesn't like to me.


  1. Quite the collection of Legos.....always a favorite in my house. And I love your feathered friend:)

  2. It is SO amazing how quickly kids can collect various forms of toys. That bird just looks cool as can be, chillin' on a chair. Life is rough. ;)

  3. I LOVE playing with my old toys...I don't even let Tay play with my payskool dollhouse people...I fear they would lose a head or arm!!! Haha

    I wanna go to Florida too!!! I hope you'll be stopping at Disney this time!!!

    -LOVE your #1 fan

  4. The used potty is so funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog awhile ago! Just catching up on everyone's comments! Hope you are having a great week!

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