Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Antique Reds...

Sanibel Island, Florida

The Island Trading Post on Sanibel is always full of interesting items.
Their merchandise changes quickly due to all the traffic on the Island.
So if you find something there...scoop it up!

{I once went to my car for my wallet and when I returned someone was buying my mermaid figurine...it could have been quite an ugly scene...but it was fine...just fine...really.}


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  1. These are awesome reds! So, the mermaid saga did end happily, didn't it?

  2. Hi M.E. :)

    I read your comment and had to come by! I just read your post "thanks to those that call me mom" and I teared up and laughed too LOL I'm off to read more...

    By the way, thank you for your sweet comment. Don't get discouraged! It took me a year or more to get a following and I can tell by your writing that you are one to admire. Just be true to yourself and don't fall into the hype ;)


  3. Great reds!!!! And I would be real anxious to get into this store! :)

  4. What wonderful old red signs! I'd love to see what else they have in that sweet shop!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Can we PLEEEASE go to Florida now?!?! It's the beginning of May and it's 50!!


  6. I have been to Sanibel Island before. We went to the lighthouse there. We also got lots of chigger bites on our legs from walking through the grass. We did not stop in the town though. Maybe another time. We go to Florida every couple of years to visit our son. We are planning to go again in the first part of December to meet a new grandchild that is due around Thanksgiving. Looking forward to that trip!

    Love the REDS in your pictures!