Saturday, April 10, 2010

Did Someone Say Party??

Welcome to the Party!
Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Hi Everyone!!
I'm noticing there's lots of young mommies at this party, but that's not going to stop me from attending!! I thought I'd put my toe in the water and give this a try!
I'm a new blogger, and I'm truly enjoying it. I have to admit that my grown children are somewhat appalled, and rather embarrassed at my new endeavor, but they're starting to come around {slowly}...
I am the mom to four lovely adults...
My nest is officially empty, but far from quiet. I'm planning weddings, redecorating, still cooking and even traveling. Here's a little intro to my little darlings who had the nerve to grow up AND move out...  

My eldest son is engaged to his lovely Carolyn...
Their wedding is in December...Jerry is an attorney in Chicago and Carolyn is teaching kindergarten. They're great together...Jerry can't stop talking and Carolyn is teaching him to use his "indoor voice"

My second son Michael married his lovely Margaret last was a fantastic wedding, and they're quite happy. Both of them are hard working teachers, living in the city, and enjoying the newlywed lifestyle!

My eldest daughter Maggie is engaged to Bryan...they've been together through college and plan on marrying in 2011! Maggie is a teacher in Chicago and Bryan is an actuary...{In other words, he's a super-smart "numbers guy" who can predict how long I'll live!!}


And the "baby" of the family is our Molly...
She's a sophmore at the University of Notre Dame studying Political Science.
When she left home I officially became an empty-nester. She may not like it, but I'll always think of her as my little one...
 she's a sweet mix of beauty and brains, with a little bit of sassy thrown in.

{That's Molly on the right}

So those are my favorite people...we all have busy lives, good times, bad times, and hurdles. I'm living my best life without children in the house...and it's really not too bad! I seem to be keeping busy.
I hope you pop in and visit our life...

Click on 5 Minutes for Moms! to get back to the party link, sign up...and have some fun!!


  1. Hi Mary, I am glad you decided to join the PARTY!!! I joined yesterday and have to a few really nice blogs! My kids were a bit shocked to when I said I am starting a blog! LOL oh, well...I am having fun! have a great Sunday!

  2. Hi! I meandered over from the blog party! I too am an empty-nester (almost, son is in 3rd year at college)...I noticed you are a Vera Bradley fan (me too!) If you have not ever been to their "sale" in Fort Wayne, IN (where headquarters are) you should visit. It kicks off their Breast Cancer Foundation events for the spring every year...hint tho...go on the first day if you can (and it WILL be crowded)...even tho they always PLAN for extra days, it is usually sold out by the end of the second or early the third day!...see info here:

    Hint: Fort Wayne is about 2 hours EAST of South Bend...drop in on your daughter and then hit the sale early the next morning!

    Have a sunny day! Lori @

  3. Stopping by from UBP to say hi! Come visit me to!

    wow your two oldest both getting married!! congrats!