Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Busy Season

I have a large family, really big...huge.
That means there's loads of celebrations {does that sound right?}
...there's lots of parties {does that sound better?}...

This weekend my nephew, Master Luke will be making his First Holy Communion...we'll be attending this blessed event on Saturday. Luke is my youngest nephew.

Here he is at my Michael's wedding, very serious...watching everyone on the dance floor...taking it all in. 
Earlier that evening he decided to remove most of the forks from the tables...{someone noticed before dinner so we all had forks when we needed them...}

The funny thing is, he wasn't being bratty...he just thought they looked better in a huge pile under the coat rack. His mother wasn't too happy with him, but I found it hilarious...

Things change when you get older. I remember when my men were very little...we were standing in church and I looked down at the pew in front of me and saw... boys emptying the purse of the woman in front of us....there it all was, her wallet, lipstick, {Lord knows what else}...strewn on the seat.

I was horrified. I touched her shoulder, she looked down and...laughed.
I'd laugh now too..

.. because things change when you're older.  

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