Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No Time?...Here's a quick dinner favorite!

I have an easy chicken dinner that I make when I feel like this...

Panko Chicken

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Italian style panko bread crumbs
Jane's Krazy salt
...and any other fresh/dried herbs you like...

Line a baking dish with foil, 
 spray it with non-stick seasoning... {just not in the mood for clean-up}

Rinse the chicken and pat dry {leave some moisture on the chicken so crumbs will stick!}
Sprinkle salt and herbs on the chicken.
Sprinkle lots of Panko crumbs on both sides of chicken.
Top with fresh herbs, if desired

{ those are chives...found them lurking in the fridge }

Bake @ 350 until cooked through...about 30-45 min. depending on thickness of chicken.

{ easy, quick, and doesn't require thought! }

I have been making lots of vinaigrettes lately...they're low in calories, and quite healthy. I have collected quite a few recipes over the years, but then someone bought me this...

...and Chapter 5 has two pages called "the Dressing Matrix" where you can pick your oil, your acid,  and your "flavor boosters. I've had some fun trying different combinations, and nothing is easier than a vinaigrette! I'm listing one of my favorites, but I suggest you buy the book....{ it's amazing to learn how we may think we're eating well, but oops...we aren't!! }

Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette

Mix together: 1/2T honey, 1T Dijon mustard, 2T red wine vinegar, 
1/4c canola oil, salt and pepper

When I was growing up my grandmother and mother always made wonderful salads. They used romaine, escarole {pronounced "shcarole" if you're Italian}, beans, broccolini, fresh herbs, peppers, red cabbage, if you could slice and dice it, it showed up in a salad. I remember the look of horror that crossed my mother's face when early in my marriage, I served her iceberg lettuce with bottled French dressing...never happened again.

I learned through the years that adding a few slices of red onion, and some chopped red cabbage did wonders for presentation...and little children like color. Although not many children like red onions or learn as you go.

So there you are...a simple meal, easy to prepare, with little clean-up.
Life is good....

It was good in 1952

{It's a known fact that Italians have kitchens upstairs AND in the basement...this is my grandmother cooking in her basement kitchen}

"Italians have a $40,000 kitchen, but use the $250 stove from Sears 
in the basement to cook"
                                                                                                           -Joe Zito                                                                                                    

{That's me on the love of food started early}

Buon Appetito!

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  1. LOVED the pics of Grandma!!! Can we get some vegetarian recipies up in here??!?!?
    -LOVE your #1 fan