Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring!!...Winter, I'll kind of miss you!

Yes, I realize it can snow here in May (at least it did in May of 1988 on my son's First Communion Day!!)...but when the first day of Spring arrives, I feel just a little lighter (not physically lighter, that's another issue )...!

Tonight we're headed to Jerry's future in-laws for dinner. I'm very blessed that both my sons, and daughter are joining wonderful families. The worries of a parent are endless, I'm glad I can cross this one  worry off my endless list!
Rosaire (my son's MIL- to- be) is a fantastic cook and I'm guessing this hasn't changed since our last dinner at their home....if you're reading this Rosaire, please stop slacking and return to the kitchen!

I'm dreaming of this...

Pursue the practice of hospitality - Romans 12:13

Mary Elizabeth

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