Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So who has the happier feathered friends...?


The Gulf Coast...?

Although we do have the Bean...!

...and I do love home.

  I've heard via Facebook that my Maggie has a snow day, so I'm guessing her area was hit rather hard. She'll be enjoying her day off as much as her students! Unfortunately she'll be groaning when she has to make the day up at the end of the year. As much as I love the Sunshine State, I have the greatest memories of growing up with snow.
  Most "older" Chicagoans will remember the "Blizzard of '67". I remember walking down the middle of a busy street with my dad. Cars were completely buried in snow, everyone was walking in the street because that was the only option. Snow removal has certainly improved but there was something special about the quiet. Cars remained in the street until the snow melted, and we had a week off from school (and we didn't have to make it up!). The good old days!

The next notable blizzard occured in 1979. I was engaged and busily planning my wedding. A little snow didn't bother me. Snow removal had improved by 1979 but this blizzard did throw a few kinks into everyone's commute...and the firefighters had to help clear the hydrants!

...of course Florida has it's weather problems also, it's just a matter of picking your poison!

Happy weather wherever you may be!

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