Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I need to soon as possible!

Finish Carolyn's Engagement Scrapbook! son proposed last June.

Clean my closet...I semi-cleaned it before I took the picture.

Finish these pillows...I've been wanting to redo the blue ones since 2007.

Finish my sewing...that green material is meant for a quilt I wanted to make Molly last year.

Organize my pantry...I can't believe I'm posting this picture.

Spend more time exercising...I'm hoping I won't have an allergic reaction to the thick coat of dust.

Get rid of the Christmas mayhem!...I do NOT need to keep the broken ornaments from 1995.

Clean my desk...I haven't any room up here, so my kitchen table has become my satellite desk.

Put things in perspective...and PRAY just a little more...

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