Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our 2009 In Review..

January, 2009
We spent some time in Florida celebrating the New Year...Cooper enjoyed the trip....

       ( damn, only healthy snacks!...)

February, 2009
It was another year of Birthday Fever...Grandma turned 86, I turned 51, Molly turned 19, and Carolyn turned 23!

March, 2009
Jerry had his annual St. Pat's Day party, we said goodbye forever to the annual Southside Irish Parade,we gazed out our windows and wondered if we'd ever see the Chicago sun...

April, 2009
We celebrated Easter in Florida, we continued to hope for a glimpse of the sun at home, and it finally came...in May!!

May, 2009
Maggie turned 23 and graduated from DePaul University , we celebrated Mother's Day, and Grandma N turned 84 !

June, 2009
Mike turned 27, Jerry and Carolyn became engaged!, I took a "Girls Only" trip to Florida, and we thoroughly enjoyed Margaret's fantastic bridal shower!

   ( Jerry's soon to be brother-in-law Pete, on the left )

July, 2009
We celebrated our independence, and we took our own little European Vacation...

( The Spanish Steps )

( Big Daddy and Moll with a beautiful Venice backdrop! )

August, 2009
Big Daddy turned 54, Molly began her second year at Notre Dame, and summer came to a close....

   (The girls made lots of Belgian waffles!)

( Molly & roomie Michelle )

September, 2009
Maggie started her new teaching job, Big Daddy and I dusted off the grill, and started our second tailgate season...

( Jerry did NOT want to put the Sox flag under the ND flag! )

(Moll and friends )

( My family has a cigar-thing, yuck )

October, 2009
 Michael married his lovely Margaret....and it was a wonderful wedding!!...we took a quick trip to Martha's Vineyard, and we continued to count our blessings...

( on the trolley)

( Just one of many Vineyard lighthouses)

November, 2009
We gave thanks for all we have, Jerry turned 29, We lost Grandpa N. to Alzheimer's Disease, and we reflected on all the times spent with him.

( A wonderful Pop-Pop)

                                                                   (The Grotto wall)

December, 2009
Maggie became engaged to Bryan, our new daughter-in-law celebrated her birthday with her new hubby in the Dominican Republic, We celebrated Christmas with new family members, we took a one way road trip to Florida, and we made our SILENT intentions for a blessed 2010....

Have a Blessed New Year!

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