Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year!

   Big-Daddy's on his way back home, and it's a little chilly here. Unfortunately I don't have my good camera here, I would be too tempted to bring it to the beach, and I know I would most certainly drop it in the sand. I've spent the morning watching herons dive for fish in our lake. I understand the food chain but nevertheless it still makes me sad....poor fishies.....must be that menopause thing again.
   I remember when my children were small, I used to count the new school year as the New Year. It was in September that I wrote all my goals on paper, planned my appointments and made my promises. There's still a little of that thought process left since Maggie's a teacher, and Molly's still in college. But for the most part, September is just a cool, crisp, beautiful month. And January is just cold!! I no longer write down goals, instead I keep them in my addled mind and soon forget them.
   I talked to Grandma N. today. She's enjoying the warm Florida weather, but it's bittersweet. We lost Pop Pop last month (Big-Daddy's Dad) to Alzheimers. It was an awful process for everyone and although he wasn't himself for an awfully long time, it will be a very different world without him.
   So my plans for today are not written on a list. I have no goals planned (although my breakfast was very healthy)!! Maybe a movie, perhaps a lunch, and definitely a little more bonding time with Molly (whether she wants it or not). I'll say a little prayer for all my ducks at home - Jerry and Carolyn, Mike and Margaret, and Maggie and Bryan....God Bless you all, stay together, and keep calm and carry on.

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