Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Well, another birthday is approaching in February and that inevitable question,"What would you like?" is being asked. Don't get me wrong, I love the thought...but I really don't have an answer. With everything that's happened lately do I really want another "something"? ...Not so much. But I do have a list of favorite things that make me happy. After 51 years my list has evolved into an eclectic jumble of odds and ends...some free, some expensive, all good....at least in my opinion...

Boden skirts...a touch of Spring!

OPI nail colors

I'm lucky to have my cosmetology license and therefore able to purchase these lovely colors at a bargain price...but even at retail, they're worth it!

Massages!! If you're ever in the southern 'burbs of Chicago, visit Alison Andrews Day Spa and ask for Kathy, you won't be disappointed.....  the current economy has caused the spa business to take a hit, but a massage is medicinal in these times...! www.alisonandrews.com

Hydrangeas...I love hydrangeas and I love cake....the perfect combo...maybe I can have another wedding!?

Snow Angels...

Paper...I have a problem. I love pads of paper, notebooks, post-its, journals, etc. I know, the trees are suffering because of me. I try to balance by recycling....I just can't resist paper.

Pens...good pens, cheap pens, markers, free pens from drug reps...you name it, I have them.

Pizza from Doc's...  docsbeachhouse.com
The best Chicago pizza is served in Bonita Springs, FL...go figure. The owners are Chicagoans and they've built a great hangout on the beach. You can watch the sunset, rent a wave runner, and gnosh on the very best pizza Florida has to offer. On my last trip Lisa and I ordered a cheese and sausage, and watched the sunset...life doesn't get much better than that! If you ever find yourself in the area, have a slice...you won't be disappointed.

My Mac has become something I spend the most time with, so I should probably mention that it's a huge favorite. I didn't want to lose my PC, but I hesitate to say...I'm glad I did!

Of course my family ranks at the top of the list, that's a given...no matter how odd they are at times...I still love them...!

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