Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to school for another semester...

I thought it was just yesterday that we picked Molly up for Christmas break!! As it usually does, time flew. We drove to South Bend, but first she had to organize her messy room...

Once that was done we were on our way, I felt like we forgot something..but I always feel like that!
Arriving on campus is always an experience. Molly's dorm has it's own chapel where Sunday mass is celebrated in the evening.

We dropped off her clothes and said hello to her roomies...

Then we forced her to walk around campus with us, the temp was in the single digits!..

(somebody forgot to zoom)

We took a walk to the grotto to light a candle, say a prayer, and thank God for our blessings. We noticed that the mass card for Grandpa, that Molly placed on the grotto wall in November was still there. It clung to the grotto wall through all the wind and snow that hammered the campus during break.


We knew it was time to go, because Molly told us it was time to go. A new semester starts for her and I'm on my way back to my empty nest. Time to focus on the upcoming weddings....time to get creative....time to reflect.

Of course when we got home I remembered the clean clothes I left in the laundry room...knew I forgot something...I'm sure she'll be fine.....or maybe I should bring them to her....just kidding...really, I'm fine...just fine........fine

                                     Hope she doesn't need these!!

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