Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's three days before Christmas and I'm starting to do the panic-dance! Yes, I am 51 years old and you would think I have learned a few lessons by now, but I have not. Yesterday was so much fun with the girls, the beautiful vera patterns, the kate spade purses, even the food court chinese buffet, but alas I lingered too long. Now I find myself with a messy kitchen, a very detailed and lengthy to-do list, and a dog that just regurgitated a plastic cookie cutter (I believe it was santa shaped). I did wake up to some beautiful snow but as usual the sound of snowblowers served as background music. I live in a very organized and well kept cul de sac...there are many days when I feel I do not belong! We seldom shovel snow, it seems futile to me. We do have a snowblower though, it resides behind the 52 gallons of paint I have accumulated (we can discuss that later).

I thank you all again for putting up with me..my blog is basic and I am learning. I can promise you it will get better..there are so many things flying around my head that it always takes me awhile to catch on. My eldest son was always a scatter-brain, I spent many a teacher conference listening to many a teacher worrying that he had "too much going on up there"...I always thought that was a good thing!? He's an excellent attorney now. I wonder if any of those teachers need any legal advice?
Peace and Joy to All.

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